Creating, starting and administering a business

At the beginning of the path in business –  limited liability company or joint stock company, it is important to create a solid legal foundation for your business

We will help you at the start so that your business is successfully moving to the finish line and competitors and regulatory authorities have no opportunity to hinder you.

GOD LEGAL lawyers will not say “NO” to you – we will tell you how to make “NO” to “YES”.

Usually, at the start of the business does not have its own legal service that will provide the necessary legal tasks.
Therefore, GOD LEGAL lawyers will help you go through the stage of creating, forming and administering a business.
We will help to set up business processes and achieve the planned business goals – from the design of relationships with investors to the implementation of business operations.

We do not treat tasks formally – we need a quick result, not a long process

How we work:
Telephone consultation – personal meeting and signing of the contract on rendering of legal aid – development of tactics and strategy of achievement of results – performance of tasks according to the plan.

Services in the direction of creation, start-up and administration of business:

Representation in public authorities
Representation in relations with contractors
Preparation of responses to requests from government agencies
Obtaining permits and licensing
Representation in relations with investors and creditors
Risk assessment and execution of agreements, investment and credit agreements
Representation of interests in public associations and organizations
Development of statutes, shareholder agreements, memoranda, shareholders’ protocols
Registration of companies, representative offices, branches, non-resident legal entities
Advising on the choice of servicing banks and international financial institutions
Preparation and analysis of constituent documents and corporate agreements, including in international law
Development of a business strategy for starting a business both in Ukraine and in international jurisdictions
Development of partnership agreements, employment contracts, internal regulations, instructions, business agreements

We speak the same language with the client – we do not intimidate clients with legal terms.
Not “superficies”, but the right to build a land plot.