Financial and investment consulting

If you are a wealthy person, a private entrepreneur or a representative of a family company – then you know about the special interests and needs that require separate legal support

It’s about preserving, increasing and securing assets.
To provide quality services, it is necessary to understand the nuances of national and international law, especially in areas such as corporate and tax law.

If you do not understand how to scale your business or what to do to save and increase your capital – GOD LEGAL lawyers will help you find and remove obstacles to your funds.
Consulting services are to provide the client with information about the available tools to optimize the tax burden, save and increase capital, according to the risk profile of the client and the tasks.
We will help to adjust the selected processes and achieve the planned goals – from compliance with procedures in international financial companies to finding a future investor / investors.

Services in the field of financial and investment consulting:

  • Assessment of business and investment opportunities of the company
  • Legal support of investment attraction agreements, protection of investors’ rights
  • Development of a financial strategy for the selection of optimal options and methods of raising capital
  • Advising clients on structuring investments for effective taxation
  • Advising and supporting the purchase and sale of securities in foreign jurisdictions
  • Support of tax inspections, as well as administrative and judicial appeals against decisions of tax authorities
  • Preparation of inquiries and receipt of tax clarifications on Ukrainian and international taxation
  • Analysis of financial condition and development of recommendations for improving the financial results of the company

GOD LEGAL clients receive the maximum level of attention and confidentiality – the information will not go beyond communication with a lawyer without the client’s permission.
We ensure complete confidentiality of even a free consultation – your information is protected by the Law of Ukraine on Advocacy and Advocacy.