Business security and criminal law

Successful and profitable business will not go unnoticed by those who want to test or make money on other people’s achievements.
State pressure and unfair competition will not come as a surprise in Ukraine.

If you are set up for long-term projects and do not plan to give your uninvited guests and competitors – you need to think about the risks to your business.
Our team will ensure the implementation of measures to strengthen the protection of the company from unfair actions of contractors and pressure from government agencies.
We have experience in protecting the interests of individuals and legal entities not only in the legislation of Ukraine, but also in the international legal field.

We provide services to clients both in the status of suspects, accused, defendants, and in the status of victims

We do not work as a conveyor belt, so we can immerse ourselves in the client’s task.
GOD LEGAL lawyers do not sit with you in the office, but are always ready to answer by mail, phone or messenger.

Business security and criminal law services:

-Compliance procedures
-Official crimes (White-collar crime)
-Work with Interpol and international search
-Extradition and international legal assistance
-Ensuring the search and return of assets
-Organization and support of independent forensic examinations
-Estimation of risks of criminal prosecution
-Development and implementation of a comprehensive plan for protection against raiding
-Returns of money stolen fraudulently
-Appeal of decisions on seizure of property
-Ensuring compensation for damages caused by the crime
-Representation of clients’ interests at all stages of the criminal process
-Internal and external investigations, assessment of criminal risks
-Appeal of resolutions of pre-trial investigation bodies against court decisions on choosing a measure of restraint
-Support of the search, support of the execution of decisions on temporary access, support of interrogations, ensuring the return of property seized during the search
-Protection of the legal rights of detainees and prisoners in pre-trial detention and temporary detention facilities, taking measures to release persons from custody

By entrusting GOD LEGAL issues in criminal law and litigation, business security organizations – you not only save time (which is better spent on making decisions, creating products and finding new customers), but also minimize the risks and threats of illegal encroachment on your property, ideas and assets.