Creating, starting and administering a business

Usually, at the start of the business does not have its own legal service that will provide the necessary legal tasks.
We will help to set up business processes and achieve the planned business goals – from the design of relationships with investors to the implementation of business operations.

Business security and criminal law

If you are set up for long-term projects and do not plan to give your uninvited guests and competitors – you need to think about the risks to your business.
We have experience in protecting the interests of individuals and legal entities not only in the legislation of Ukraine, but also in the international legal field.

Financial and investment consulting

We will help to adjust the selected processes and achieve the planned goals – from compliance with procedures in international financial companies to finding a future investor / investors.

Execution of court decisions

It is not enough to just win a lawsuit, it is much more difficult to force the defendant to fulfill its obligations.
If you hope that the court decision will be executed without the legal assistance of a lawyer – you will lose time and opportunity to return your own money.
In this case, you need to use the services of lawyers GOD LEGAL, who will protect your interests.